Are your products Gluten Free?

Yes.  We source only certified GF ingredients and we bake in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen. 

Are your products baked in a dedicated GF kitchen?


Do your products contain dairy?

Our challah is dairy-free and we can also make a dairy-free babka. 

Do your products contain egg?


Are you Vegan?


Do you use corn in your flour blend?

Yes, cornstarch and potato starch are both used in our flour blend. 

Are your products gum free?

No, we use both psyllium husk and xanthum gum in our breads and Babkas. 

Can you make these sugar free?

No. However, we can substitute monkfruit sweetener or coconut sugar upon request.

Do you use nuts in your flour blend?

There are no nuts in my flour blend or bread and babka doughs.